Kessler Community Clinic, Inc. Serving the Copper basin area of North Georgia, Southeastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina
A non profit rural health clinic in the North Georgia Mountains



Full Clinic Services:

The Kessler Community Clinic is presently in organization.    At the present time, we are not able to provide health care services.

Free monthly foot clinic:

Healthy Feet of Fannin County has provided free foot clinics in Blue Ridge Georgia and Ducktown, Tennessee for over thirteen years.  The clinic treats the elderly and anyone whose limited range of motion or health condition prevents them from caring for their own feet.  Patients are evaluated with particular attention paid to those with poor circulation or diabetes.  Their feet are washed, nails cut and calluses filed smooth.  Referrals are given to those needing additional medical attention.  Healthy Feet meets at the Blue Ridge Senior Center the third Tuesday each month and at the Ducktown Senior Center the third Wednesday each month.  See the events page for the next date and time.



Sanctuary Respite Program: 

In conjunction with the United Methodist Church of McCaysville and HealthyFeet of Fannin County, The Kessler Clinic hosts an elder day care program Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Church.  For $25 a day a caring staff provides a safe and dignified environment for elderly patients with mild dementia or other limiting factors.  Caregivers can take a break knowing their loved ones are in good hands.  Activities and light refreshments are available. 


Dementia screening and evaluation:

In cooperation with the Alzheimer’s Association the Clinic offers testing and evaluation at home or in the clinic.   While delirium and dementia can present similar symptoms, treatment and outcomes are vastly different.  Only an accurate diagnosis can determine the proper treatment options.  For more information on Alzheimer's disease, visit the Alzheimer's Association website-


Medicare Part D:

The current Medicare drug supplement program is a maze of confusing rules and limitations.  Pick the wrong program and the participant pays more than necessary for the medications they need.  The Clinic will evaluate individual drug requirements and find the best plan for that patient.  For more senior services visit the Area Agency on Aging at


Brown Bag Day:

Many elderly patients see a number of different medical specialists on a regular basis.  Each specialist may be treating a particular ailment or issue and will prescribe medications for that problem.  Sometimes one of these medications will react with another cancelling its effectiveness or causing a dangerous reaction.  The Brown bag program gives the patient an opportunity to have all of their medications, both prescriptive and over the counter checked for compliance.


Future Services:


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